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The golden son by Epselion The golden son :iconepselion:Epselion 2 0 Bowie is back by Epselion Bowie is back :iconepselion:Epselion 11 0 Secret Sinterklaas cadeau by Epselion Secret Sinterklaas cadeau :iconepselion:Epselion 3 2
The past always haunts ch.3
Chapter 3: Ghosts.
Jotunheimen, camps in the valley.  June 17th 1996. 00:49h.
With as much silence as he could manage Khan moved through the green vegetation of the hilltop he was climbing. He kept telling himself how much of an idiot he was being, that he was putting himself through more risks than logic allowed him to pass through. But so far he had been having dumb luck. He had taken a plane to Norway, a long flight that had left him blessedly undetected. It had gotten a little difficult at the airport, people had noticed a flaw in his fake ID but it was just put off as an old card, luckily. But he would do it again too. Because a safe escape meant nothing if he could not make it without the one he loved most. He finally reached the top of the hill and looked down below to the lights of camp. So primitive, tents. He carefully started on his way down. It had taken some time to track his lover. He had completely fallen off the map after his defeat two months ago.
:iconepselion:Epselion 1 0
The enemy of my enemy ch.10
Chapter 10: Face-off.
Thor was oddly calm once they had headed away. Somehow the thrill of battle and the promise of a fight made his worries seem like minor issues. He knew that he could help Loki by doing something, by standing by his side. Now, he only cared about speed, hurry, faster and faster. He needed to be there. Every second wasted to catch a breath could be a second too much. Tony could not follow him at the same speed, it asked too much of his suit, but Thor would see him there, he would be able to hold off any enemies long enough. He touched down on the grounds of the industrial park, just remembering Tony’s warning about catching attention so that he could land between some steel plates. He couldn’t see Loki. He was inside somewhere already. Norns forbid he would be too late, not again.
Loki was quiet when he snuck into the building that held the Chitauri. He was not like Thor, barging in with his powers blazing, it wouldn’t do. He needed to know
:iconepselion:Epselion 2 2
Ours by Epselion Ours :iconepselion:Epselion 47 9 Sting-color project. by Epselion Sting-color project. :iconepselion:Epselion 4 0 The high priest of Ahmut by Epselion The high priest of Ahmut :iconepselion:Epselion 10 1 She devil by Epselion She devil :iconepselion:Epselion 7 1
The enemy of my enemy ch.9
Chapter 9: Pride beyond reason.
The least favourite sound in Tony Stark’s opinion was that of alarms. They were so sharp and annoying. They were persistent too. He turned on his stomach.
“Jarvis. Turn off that bloody noise!!” He yelled when it still blared through his pillow.
“I’m afraid it’s meant to wake you sir. It is quite urgent.”
Tony sat up, quite the angry little human when he dragged out of bed with a huff. It was barely 8 in the morning. Tony quickly put on a robe, striped in red and gold, the colours of iron man of course, and he walked over to his computer which was still blaring and beaming light.
“What is it baby?” Tony yawned as he logged in.
Immediately he felt his brows crease together.
“Jarvis, this can’t be right. It’s the portal probes…”
“The data has been recorded by 3 separate probes sir and it has been verified. A space-portal has opened somewhere above New York.
:iconepselion:Epselion 5 3
Angelic by Epselion Angelic :iconepselion:Epselion 35 7
The enemy of my enemy ch8
Chapter 8: So it begins…
Nobody would later say that they weren’t anxious for the state in which Tony and Pepper would return. She could be enraged, feel betrayed. Maybe she broke up with Tony and this was finally the last straw. Especially Loki did not feel easy with it. He had been trying to read and highlight spells but it was as if he suddenly could not read elvish anymore due to the distractions. The weather sure had taken a change to match their moods. Loki had initially thought that it was Thor’s doing. But the man himself was slumped on the couch, finally sleeping off some severe worry and tenseness. Loki stood up and put the book back on the table. Bruce was watching TV, some show that did not make a lot of sense really. Loki paced a little, not wishing to wake Thor. Bruce gestured for him to come over and he sat down next to him on the cushioned floor.
“How are you today?”
“Fine.” Loki immediately said.
“So that buzz isn’t
:iconepselion:Epselion 4 3
Sunkissed chapter 3 (hiddlesworth AU)
Tom woke up from a throbbing ache in his neck. He had most definitely slept wrong. He was on the forest floor, blanket around his shoulders. He could not remember taking it from Chris... He let out a groan and sat up, expecting to find the other snoring a few paces away, but Chris wasn't there. Tom realised then that Chris had woken up before him. But where had he gone? Hopefully nothing bad happened. Or did he leave him? He looked to the side but the horses were still both there. He got on his feet and stretched a bit before picking up his cutlass. "Chris?" He called out, hoping it was just nothing.
Chris dove for another rabbit again, but only managed to get more dirt and muck on himself as it effortlessly hopped away. Gods... and he thought chasing chickens was hard! He groaned, then looked at Godfrey wagging his tail. "Yeah? And what are you so happy about? This will be your breakfast too you know..." the pup tilted its head and he let out a huff. Chris stood again and dusted himse
:iconepselion:Epselion 4 4
Mature content
Sunkissed chapter 2. (hiddlesworth AU) :iconepselion:Epselion 6 0
CLICK FOR INFO PLS (I'LL GIVE U COOKIE) by Epselion CLICK FOR INFO PLS (I'LL GIVE U COOKIE) :iconepselion:Epselion 55 38 Ambition by Epselion Ambition :iconepselion:Epselion 23 7


Yes, I decided it is time now. I am taking commissions! 
And how would this go down? 

If you want to have your character, dog, cat, friend, loved one, or whatever drawn by me I will do it for you.

You can contact me in the note section here, or by e-mail at 
There you can leave me an outline of what you want me to make. Please keep in mind that I cannot do miracles, so if you provide pictures of your character or other choice, that it is a clear picture with natural light/colours.

I do black and white and colour, mostly in realistic style, but per request I will also look into a specific style.

Base prices are as follows:

Ice cold by Epselion
Single character portrait
- $20 in black and white.
-$25 in colour.

Everything... is permitted... by Epselion
Single character waist up pose
-$30 in black and white.
-$35 in colour.
+additional $5-10 to add a background depending on detail.
(note that your drawing comes with a basic fill background)

The high priest of Ahmut by Epselion
Single character full body pose
-$40 in black and white.
-$45 in colour.
+additional $5-20 to add a background depending on detail.
(note that your drawing comes with a basic fill background)

Jeremy Brett tribute by Epselion
Adding a character to the drawing
Every extra one is
+ $5-10 in black and white (depending on detail)
+ $10-20 in colour (depending on detail)

When you 'order' you will receive a sketch within the week with a few options to choose from for your final drawing. There we will discuss if I meet your expectations before I am going to work on the final product. After this meeting you will deposit the money. You will get another e-mail sometime later (probably within two weeks at most) with the Work In Progress, that is the point where I can make a few last tweaks, but starting over will not happen anymore! So make sure that the first sketch stage conveys all you want to have! 

Every work will have my full devotion and guarantee of my best effort and work. If you have any questions I will always look at my e-mail, at the comment section here or in the notes here on Deviantart. 
  • Listening to: Disturbed, Kamelot
  • Reading: Snippets of all sorts of things
  • Watching: Foyle's war, Sleepy Hollow, The Flash
  • Playing: Assassin's creed Unity
  • Eating: Everything
  • Drinking: Lemonade


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Current Residence: The Netherlands
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Favourite genre of music: Hard rock, metal
Favourite style of art: fantasy
MP3 player of choice: I-pod
Favourite cartoon character: pikachu



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Thankyou kindly for the watch :D
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Your Loki fics look really interesting, but it's kind of tough to read multichapter fics on this site--do you have an account on or Archive Of Our Own?
Epselion Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I do on both indeed! You can just find me there by the same username as here. I hope you really enjoy the fics if you have the time to read them. And I would love to hear what you think of them :D let me know if you had anything else to ask :)
the-flying-dolphin Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Hobbyist
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awwwws that is so sweet of you. I really like you :D
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